Krav Maga Instructor Charlie HigginsCharlie Higgins,
CEO/ President/ Chief Instructor
Prior U.S Army Special Forces and Military combative instructor with over 39 years of martial arts experience.
Member of:
 Force Options USA
 VIP Protection
 NRA Life Member & Firearms Instructor

  • Krav Maga Instructor ( IKMF )
  • Personal Trainer / Fitness Coach
  • Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Bodyguard/ Executive Protection specialist
  • Tactical Firearms Instructor ( NRA #201426842 ) 
Martial Arts Background:
  • 8th degree blackbelt Aiki-Jujutsu Master Instructor ( Diato ryu Aki Jujutsu )
  • 6th degree blackbelt WTF Master Instructor ( World Taekwondo Federation )
  • 4th degree blackbelt GTF (recognized) Head Coach trainer for Europe
  • 3rd degree blackbelt Hapkido ( Sin Moo Hapkido Korea )
  • 2nd degree blackbelt Sim-do Karate (Teach's Universal Martial arts Assoc.)
  • 2nd degree blackbelt ATA ( American Taekwondo Association )
  • 1st degree blackbelt Judo
  • 1989 Olympic Pan-am team member ( USA TaeKwon-do )
  • 8th Army ( Team Captain ) All Army Taekwon-do team 1989
My gift: A dedication to my past/ present and future students
  My Journey…
    It all started when I was pretty young, living in an apartment complex with bullies. I started in judo because that was the only thing close enough for me to go to because my parents were divorced and money was hard to come by, it was being offered there for free to people will to learn. I needed to learn how to protect myself, or at least learn how to survive getting beat up every day of the week on my way home from school.
  I studied every day giving it my all, with every intent, to overcome my fears, confidence was pretty slim in my thoughts, and the one thing I will always remember is that my Instructor told me that all I have to do is believe in myself and learn to be a humble individual even if there are cruel people all around you, "kill them with kindness" he said.
  I went on to study many more styles of the arts Karate, Taekwondo (ATF, WTF, GTF, ATA), Aiki-jujutsu (Daito-Ryu), Jeet Kune Do - Jun Fan Hapkido (Sin Moo), Silat, Arnis, Krav Maga (IKMF) and enjoyed several Seminars so many that I could go on for days.
  I also enlisted in the Military (U.S. Army) served as an M1 Tanker, then moved into more exciting things, Airborne school, Repelling School, Master Gunner school, Master Fitness Instruction, then the Special forces. While continuing my studies while being located all over the world, while I was not deployed to some crazy combat zone protecting our countries assets, I saw individuals that were less fortunate than us, and dealt with some really sad situations.
   All in all what I want to say is that I have learned what it is like to be humble, and to respect others and kill them with kindness, I have had several jobs in my time and none of them will ever compare to that of being an Instructor, my martial arts training has taught me to be who I am today, and the military helped me understand and see what sacrifices people of our world endure.
  What I teach is not one style of Martial arts it’s a combination of all of them, I cannot say I created them because I did no such thing, But I can say  I am the founder of the system that I have developed, I developed a  way that all of my training can be blended as one, taking the past 14 yrs. to create a curriculum that will bring out the best in people and help them defend themselves and their loved ones, was my goal and I have attained that and I am always adding to that training curriculum, I continue my journey educating and learning from others.
  This is my journey, my life, the love that I enjoy, a passion that is the essence of my being, to be an Instructor of the arts for the rest of my living life, I will humble myself in every fashion and empty my cup if I may ever enter your door for some type of training, as I will pass on my education to all of my students past/ present and future as long as God is willing me able.
  My life’s journey has just begun, and I am going to share it with all that is willing to learn with an open mind, dedicate themselves, and devote their time to train...This is all that I have and it’s my Essence, my proud Honor to share my knowledge to all that is willing to learn whether it’s in a class or a Seminar, God Bless all of you and hope to see you in Time...
   My martial arts studies are very versatile and from several styles, I have learned that Traditional martial arts does not emphasize just on self defense and for that reason I learned several. My courses will consist of the immediate concern we have in today's society, it is not like any other martial art schools that give a static display of stationary blocking and kicking, along with forms that require time to learn, and point sparring. You get real life training and real life defense scenarios. In 2006 I started teaching self defense privately. I decided to open my business in Close Quarter Combatives and have found that the need for self defense on the reality based system has a larger demand. The reality based system is the root to all Martial arts, because they were all developed to protect. Certified Instructor in Defensive Tactics training for Police officers and Security, August 2010.

My Expertise:
Women and Mens Self defense Instructor, Spontaneous Knife & Weapons Instructor, Military Combatives Instructor, Krav Maga Instructor, Pressure Point Instructor, Children's Bully Instructor, Aiki-Jujutsu Master Instructor, Jeet Kun Do Jun Fan Master Instructor,
WTF Taekwondo Master Instructor,Commando Krav Maga Instructor, Current CCW & Armed Security license, Personal/ Executive protection, Bodyguard, Handgun & Weapons Master Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Master Range Safety Officer/ Firearms instructor, NRA Certified Instructor.
Prescott Seminar krav maga firearms training
Justin Austin
 Instructor STATIC defense Systems
  Having grown in a small town not to many violent crimes happen but when it came time to go off to college in a big city like Phoenix, AZ I decided it was time I learned to protect myself. I started my study of martial arts in 2008 with Haganah, Brazilian Jiu Jitzu, and Mui Tai. Having completed the Haganah system I branched out to similar systems. I started studying Krav Maga under Charlie Higgins and the STATIC Defense System in 2009. Having studied other martial arts, Krav Maga was the most practical martial art. As a result I have stayed diligent; I have earned my Black Belt and Instructor certification. I continue to study and firmly believe that without practice and consistent dedication to any martial art, the skills can be lost. This system is designed to prepare you to not only protect yourself but your loved ones as well.
         ·  2nd Degree Black Belt STATIC Defense System
         ·  Authentic Krav Maga Seminar with Master Mati Elyashiv and Roy Elgahanyan
         ·  Completed Mike Lee Kanarek’s Haganah system
Currently pursuing a career in the US Navy. 

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Mary Arnett

U.S. Navy Veteran

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