Krav maga technique
Krav Maga technique
Our Programs:
  • Jeet Kune Do
  • Kali/ Sinawli/ Escrima 
  • Aiki-jujuitsu
  • Self Defense
  • Krav Maga
  • Firearms Training
  • Personal Protection / Bodyguard Services & Training
  • Seminars * reservations minimum of 4 individuals *
  • Self Defense Instructors Certification Courses
    Youth Program Self-Defense for children ages 9-14- The program for ages 9-14 is geared toward providing a self-defense curriculum for beginners while instilling the positive, life-changing benefits of respect for others, self-confidence, courtesy, obedience, humility, perseverance, honesty, integrity, and self-control. This class emphasizes goal-setting and positive reinforcement of personal success while teaching children how to stay safe and avoid violent situations. Tons of fun!
    • Safety Tips
    • Bullies and Self-Defense Tips
    • Against someone your size and against someone bigger
    • Age Appropriate methods for overcoming fear
    • Reducing vulnerability
    • Building self-protection instincts
    • Daily lesson plans – continuously updated to meet every child’s learning capacities
    Age requirements are flexible and can be discussed under an initial orientation with Mr. Higgins. On a case by case basis I can make accommodations to the rule, Some can be younger than 9 yrs. old
    krav maga technique

    Close Quarter Combative and Krav Maga/ Self defense for Adults – Ages 12 and up
     Participants will learn:
    • Pre-conflict and avoidance strategies
    • Gun confrontation and disarming tactics
    • Multiple and surprise attack scenarios
    • Escape from vicious street-holds
    • Take down and control techniques
    • Empty hand street combat
    • Edged weapon defense
    • Ground survival
    Kubotan/ Hestitan Training:
    • Learn applied tactics
    • Learn pressure points
    • Effectiveness
    • Defensive training
    • Proper use of force training
     Krav Maga is:
    • An evolved self-defense and conditioning system
    • Easy to learn yet powerfully effective!
    • Based on realistic scenarios-100% street wise
    • Builds your self confidence
    • Tones your body, helps you lose weight!
    • Practice today, be ready tomorrow!
    • Effective
    • No nonsense
    • No rules
    • Anything goes!
    Krav maga technique firearms traiingGrading and Belt Information
     All of the training you will receive with Higgins CQC and STATIC Defense Systems are a combined system of over 34 years of training in various styles of martial arts. If that is what you are interested in, if not, then learn it for self improvement and self defense!