What  Is Krav Maga?
Krav Maga Instructor Charlie Higgins     Krav Maga is not a Sport! The objective of Krav Maga is not to win trophies or become a world champion, but to make it home alive. Let’s face it, in the street there are no rules, no referees, no weight classes, no fouls; just the cold brutal reality of unrestrained violence. For this reason Krav Maga trains a person to do whatever is necessary in order to survive. Many of the techniques taught in Krav Maga such as eye gouges, groin strikes, and knee breaks are considered illegal in sports like Boxing or MMA. The use of such techniques makes perfect sense when you take into consideration that an attacker in the street is not trying to win, but to seriously hurt, rape, or maybe even kill you. Remember, Krav Maga training is a matter of life and death; therefore everything in Krav Maga is 100 percent focused on survival!
Krav Maga Instructor Charlie Higgins    Unlike combat sports which are governed by rules and weight classes, in the street there are no rules, odds are that your attacker will be larger and maybe even armed with a knife or gun. You may even find yourself facing multiple attackers. In such situations you cannot afford to get involved in a lengthy drawn out fight, the longer the confrontation lasts the less your odds are of survival. You must react precisely and as quickly as you can to eliminate the immediate threat. For this reason Krav Maga techniques are not designed to be fancy or impressive; rather, by necessity they must be simple and direct. Also when you are faced with a violent attack your body will experience a heightened state of stress resulting in a release of adrenaline causing a number of physical side effects: faster heart rate, tunnel vision, lose of fine motor skills, impaired judgment, etc…
This is why Krav Maga is based upon a small number of techniques that solve a wide range of self defense situations.
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Think about it, if you are attacked you do not have time to think, “Is he punching me with his right hand or left hand?
Do I step to the left or do I step back?” What you need is just one technique that works the same regardless if your attacker is punching you, choking you, or trying to take you to the ground. By only teaching a few techniques that can be applied to a variety of situations you will be able to react faster and thereby increasing your odds of survival.
  Definition/Introduction – Krav Maga in Hebrew means ‘contact combat’ or ‘contact fighting’ and the term is generic in the same sense that the term ‘self-defense’ is.
  There are many Systems/Styles of Krav Maga outside the great Imi Lichtenfeld including Commando Krav Maga, Kapap, Lotar (Maj. Avi Nardia).
 Here is a video link about Krav Maga which is up to date for your information!!
IMI lichtnefeld founder of Krav Maga
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